Pay Per Click Advertising

Build an effective campaign. If you need to quickly reach as large and wide but specific audiences as possible and announce your action, then PPC is the right service. With the Yard PPC service, you can generate  more leads and improve the action you take.

google adwords

Research and parameters

Keyword research, selection of Ad taype and volume, parameter settings

Budgeting and ROI

Proper campaign management implies an excellent relations between investment and return

multi-platform ppc

Campaigns on various platforms: from Google AdWords, to paid ads on Social Networks

Values of Professional PPC Advertising

Values of Professional PPC Advertising

We help your message reach a wider audience

PPC provides results that are time-efficient and serves to achieve concrete results that are closely linked to the budget you are investing. Although it is widely used, it doesn’t matter how you budget, set up a campaign, determine the type of campaign, recognize keywords for messages. Trust the PCC master.

The Sky's The Limit

Reach the widest audience effectively, with good return of investment.

Together with you we know how to adjust the structure of ads and segments of kampanje, through the writing of report and analytics, you will follow the direct acquisition of leads and increase in traffic.

Rise to the top

ROI balance

With the advice of paid advertising experts, and with precise analyzes and recommendations of terms and words and audiences, the performance of the campaign is calculated so that accurate expectations of the result can be counted on.

For one more is one higher

Ranking & CPC

Is your Cost Per Click (CPC) better or worse than your competitors? Market investment research, evaluation, and bidding is one of the more important parameters of campaign tuning.

Unity of strategies

Customer Reach Logic

Among other logistical steps and key parameters of the campaign, one of the crucial ones is the logic of the audience and the strategy of defining the message.

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