IT system & Network Engenering

Support your digitalization by upgrading IT systems, network engineering, upgrading computer equipment and systems. As also with data centers, backup systems. 

IT system


Configuration and maintenance of IT systems as well as development and maintenance of servers: mail server, web server, DHCP, DNS, file server, domain controller, active directory ...) In Linus and Windows operating systems.


Customization of Cloud solutions such as VDI, vAapp, VDI, work on Hypervisors (VMware Xen Citris, Xcpng, Virtual Cable, and on the platforms UDS, Azure, ...


Architecture, implementation, network configuration as well as network equipment setup with various services related to Hypervisors, and Remote Working as well as security and safety systems.

IP telephony and Video surveillance

Connect and extended subsystems of the technical business system. Import them with an intelligent centralized management system.


Construction and configuration of backup systems and workstations with the development of specific functions for personalized backup operations. We provide mail and data restore service as Desister Recovery Service.


Computer equipment service, remote troubleshooting, fault diagnosis, component testing, hardware and software troubleshooting as well as component upgrades and replacements.

Full IT system maintenance & control values

Full IT system maintenance & control values

Create a customized system

The complete service of the IT system & Network administration is difficult to describe in a few sentences. Administrators scan the system from cables, hardware, network, Internet performance, hardware compatibility for enterprise needs, creation of beskp systems and security systems, through many others for the development of personalized solutions for the transition to modern systems and remote control, electronic certificates, networked centralized system of communication, control and management, from optimization in technical resources through new solutions of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. The role of professional administrators is to make your system stable, optimized for your needs, protected and secure. Then, to be there for you to consult and fix all the problems. To save your budget and participate in savings with consultations in the purchase of equipment and technical development.

Investment as savings

Reach strong and protected system, adapted to inovative requirements

Let the offices be the whole around world, and all your communications at the highest level of security.

Create your own VPN system

Remote Working

Customize your company’s system to your remote work needs with a secure data center and all client machines. Root communication securely, set up your own control and management system within your system.

Make your Own Business System

Your Own Cloud

Make a reform. Centralize the system. Create hierarchies of rights in data center and file system management. Make the system simpler and more secure.

Multifunctional control system


Imagine a digital and virtual workspace and an entire business system without physical machines, where each end user can manage elementary schools, applications, data as if working locally. Reduce the risk of siloing a physical and bulky IT system that is subject to different pressures

Multifunctional control system

ACL personalized models

Make end to end logical protection models. For the healthy functioning of a company, in addition to all offered and known matrices, protocols and services for system protection and its components, create a personalized strategy of IT culture, regulations, authentic protocols with your administrator, based on which your administrator will include models in protection and its risks. employee behavior as a more human risk factor in the digital environment


Other Services

Other Services